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Our Story

Empowering our Communities

Driven by a need to revitalize urban areas

Primestor was founded to build community projects in areas overlooked by other developers. Over the last 30 years, Primestor has completed in excess of 100 projects and owns, acquires, leases, develops, and manages these assets for itself and its investors. Detailed architecture, lush landscaping, highly desirable tenants, generous on-site amenities, impeccably maintained facilities, and extensive community outreach have made Primestor a leader in the Real Estate development industry.

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Extensive retail portfolio

Primestor currently manages a portfolio valued at over $800M and over 2.5 million square feet in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. Primestor properties have nearly 200 tenants, some of whom have multiple locations within our portfolio, ranging from the smallest local kiosk operators to the largest retailers in the United States.

Diverse team

Our employees are 89% minority and 52% women; in addition, over 50% of team members were born and raised in the communities in which Primestor invests and manages real estate.

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Experienced leadership

Primestor’s founding partners have managed the company together for over 30 years. Each member of the Primestor Executive Committee has at least 14 years of real estate experience and 7 years with the company.

Mission, vision, and values

Our mission is to manage and develop properties that empower the communities we serve. We believe in promoting excellence and providing an ethical, dynamic and rewarding work environment for our fellow employees, while creating value for our clients, partners and investors.

Our vision for the future is a world where underserved communities have home-grown leadership, self-representation, safety and unprecedented opportunity and access.

Our values

We believe in leading by example and in delivering results with integrity, excellence, and urgency.

We believe in working only on projects that are truly important and meaningful to us and the communities we serve.

We believe that our greatest strength lies in our people, in their well-being and in their ongoing personal and professional development.

We believe having the honesty to admit when we are wrong and, in the courage to change.

We believe our community involvement enables us to actively live our company’s values and communicate the spirit our brand.

People, passion, purpose

Primestor is a proactive and socially conscious urban real estate leader that unites, empowers and inspires communities to achieve their highest potential. Our focused, holistic, and integrated services include acquisitions, adaptive reuse, asset management, community engagement, development, marketing, and property management.

In partnership with community stakeholders, municipalities and institutional investors, Primestor’s projects become regional and local gathering spaces for the neighborhoods they serve.

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What sets us apart

Primestor is dedicated to empowering communities through home-grown leadership and self-representation. Our experienced and diverse team draws directly from the neighborhoods we serve, providing us with a unique perspective on community needs. This allows us to create thriving retail centers with dynamic community programming, innovative merchandising opportunities and a successful blend of retail, food/beverage, health/wellness and educational uses.